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Duchesse-Linie One-Shoulder-Träger Ärmellos Perlen verziert Lang Stretch-Satin Quinceañera Kleider

Sale Price: 120,60 €

Market Price: 559,56 €

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Duchesse-Linie One-Shoulder-Träger Ärmellos Perlen verziert Lang Stretch-Satin Quinceañera Kleider

Artikelnummer 40603
Jahreszeit Frühling,Sommer,Fallen,Winter
Stoff Stretch-Satin
Ausschnitt One-Shoulder-Träger
Silhouette Duchesse-Linie
Ärmellänge Ärmellos
Verschönerung Perlen verziert,Applikationen
Tailleumfang Empire-Linie
Zurück Stil Schnürung
Saum/Zug Bodenlang
Gezeigte Farbe Weiß
Paketgewicht 1500.0000


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"I ordered this dress and fell in love with it! For quite some time I was hesitant to buy without trying on, but then took a risk and it was absolutely worth it. I took the standard size and it was matching perfectly! Got to wear it already on 2 occasions and each time it is a pleasure. Good quality of material makes it pleasant to the skin.
Now considering to order one more dress and counting on the same superb customer service as last time :)"




I just received my dress and I absolutely love it. Looks as nice as the picture and it was made and delivered faster than I was expecting. I highly suggest to us the size chart they provided before selecting your size.




I was so worried to buy my dress on the internet, but i took the risk, and today i received the most beautiful dress i have ever seen! Thank you so much! I have told my friends about this site :) The dress is even more beautiful in real life than on the picture!




This is absolutely that best dress we have ever gotten.It was perfect. If you can use one word to describe this dress, it would be exquisite. I just hope that I can do as much for it as it does for me.




Perfect dress! The color looks great! The fabric and stitches are all of great quality. I love the design too! It's really beyond what such a low price could offer.




I had a great experience shopping! My order arrived on time as promised and it was beautifully tailored with the exact material and size I specified.




Felt and looked amazing on it! I ordered one as the picture showed. It was slimming on me. Quality material and looked great!




The dress is amazing .. The quality of the fabric and meticulous sewing resulted in a stunning creation. Thank you very much for the service through in such a short time.




The dress itself is amazing, excellent fit and totally perfect, Im going to be wearing it to my debs ball and I simply cant wait for it.

keith flint



I love my dress. It looks so gorgeous. I have worn it for three times. So you can see how much I love this dress. It is one of my favorite dresses. It fits me well and makes look very pretty.




At first, I was hesitant buying a dress online, but after reading reviews here. I thought I was gonna give it a try and I'm glad that i did. The dress came 3 weeks after ordering, I made custom-made measurement and it was perfect. Thanks very much.




I just recieved this dress today, and it was everything I had hoped for. The color stayed true to it's promise of champagne, the fabric is gorgeous, and the details are angelic, which gives the dress a dreamy look.




Thank you! I got this dress the day before, it is lovely and I like it very much.




The service is the beat I had met. They were amazing with communication and my dress arrived 2 weeks earlier than projected! The color was very close to what my screen displayed! Over all very pleased with my experience and will be coming back for any formal event I may have.




I am so fortunated to get a so charming dress on your website, I will buy another one for my twin sister , the size is the same , I hope you can process the same good one for my sister . Thanks you ahead!




Absolutely wonderful. Superb fit, lovely quality of fabric, and overall style and shape, exactly as depicted. Arrived very quickly considering it was tailored for me.




Very nice fabric and great quality! I ordered this dress in Ivory and custom made. It fits perfect and I love it. The dress feels light and flattering. I think I'll be shining when I wear it. I ordered it one size up from my normal size and it was a prefect fit.Thank you so much.

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